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Digital Toothbrush Tracks Users Dental Hygiene Habits

Written on October 11, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Beam Toothbrush features a built-in Bluetooth technology that is connected to a smartphone app

hygiene habits can now be tracked. thanks to a called the “Beam Tootbrush”. This cool may look ordinary, but it features a built-in technology that is connected to a phone .

The Beam Brush claims to be the “world’s first smart toothbrush”. The toothbrush sensor starts collecting data once it is placed inside the mouth. The data gathered is then reported to the interactive Beam smartphone app. Users can now check how often and how long they brush their . They can even share their data to their dentists.

The will be launched this November. It can now be pre-ordered for a discounted price of $34.99 via the Beam online shop. The free Beam app works on both the and IPhone platforms.

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