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App Helps Cheaters To Erase Evidence From Their Smartphones

Written on October 17, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Cate (Call and Text Eraser) app erases all phone history such as personal information, block the name of the caller from your smartphones

Cheaters can now avoid getting caught by their lovers with a helpful app called, The () app. This app erases all phone history that may be used to track your wrongdoings.

The app erases all from your phone which you don’t want other people to see. Block calls and texts, hide specific names from your phonebook and protect your contact list using a . The app also allows the user to have the option to make private calls, hide texts and multimedia messages.

The Cate app is also perfect for government officials, corporate business executives and lawyers who need to secure personal information due to the nature of their jobs.

The app can now be downloaded for $4.99.

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