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Fitness Accessory and App Tracks Exercise Regimen

Written on October 20, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Plastic fitness bracelet Amiigo goes with a phone app that tracks the type of exercise you are doing and how effective it is on your body

If you’re into health and fitness a new accessory and app will aid you in achieving your goals. Meet , the new .

This fitness acessory goes with an app that can identify hundreds of different exercises and track how effective an exercise regimen you are performing.

The Amiigo has different sensor that that can report real-time data like heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels.

You can choose to share your exercises, activities, and accomplishments to your friends, through social media. Earn fitness points and participate in challenges, even wager points in friendly competitions with other Amiigo users.

The Amiigo can be be yours for $89. Shipping starts in April 2013.

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