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Facebook Chat Now Embedded in Firefox Browser

Written on October 25, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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Surf sites while chatting using the updated Firefox Beta Browser

has launched a new API feature to their latest version of Firefox Beta . They have partnered with and have embedded the box in their browser.

This new update allows users to surf the web and chat with Facebook friends at the same time, using the same browser. The Facebook chat box will appear in all site the user visits.

Mozilla’s director of Firefox Engineering, Johnathan Nightingale, talks about this latest feature in his recent interview:

“People don’t use social like they use other parts of the Web. It’s not task based; it’s something that pervades that you’re constantly touching throughout the day… We wanted to make the experience first-class in Firefox. We felt that social had to be integrated differently. We wanted to create an API where your social provider could provide a few details, and then you’re hooked in.”

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