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Charge Your iOS Devices Using a Smart Rocking Chair

Written on November 03, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The iRock chair charges your iPhones and iPads while it rocks back and forth

Micasa Lab, a Zurich-based company, has created the , a that charges iOS devices with every movement it makes.

The features an iPhone and dock and speakers that is embedded along the headrest. The itself, is set at a 37-degree rocking angle.

The iRock chair charges a while the person seated on it, rocks the chair back and forth. Its generator converts the motion into energy that powers the speakers and charges the .

Micasa Lab, talks about the iRock chair:

“The iRock is a product that explores how can interact with and actually support the power for this . Movement is energy and to collect as much of this energy as possible is one of our future challenges. The laws of physics dictate how movement and friction constantly creates a vast amount of energy that in most cases is lost. iRock is a attempt to collect some of this energy and put it to real use. If you use iRock for 60 minutes you can recharge an iPad 3 to 35%.”

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