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Control Your PC Using A Gesture Glove Mouse

Written on November 04, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The “Gesture Glove Mouse" can be used to control your Windows PC, Mac and Android device

A new device called, the “” has been recently unveiled in . It is an accessory which can be used to control your computers, using hand gestures.

The glove can be only worn on your right hand. It is a that features a connected sensor which can be strapped on your index finger. Your wrist movements will be translated into cursor movements. You can click using your index finger and thumb.

Since it is wireless, you can control your device within the range of 10 meters (33 feet). It can be also charged via a USB connection. It can be used for 12 hours, by just charging it for one hour.

The Gesture Glove Mouse can be used on your devices, Mac and Windows PC. It is currently sold for 980 yen (US $61.87) in Japan.

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