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Disaster Pods Introduced in Japan [Video]

Written on November 12, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Japanese company develops disaster shelters that look like Dragon Ball space pods

Japanese auto parts manufacturer, , has created an emergency shelter in form of a spherical pod that can save lives in times of a .

The pod called “” looks like ’s attack balls. It was developed by Pond after witnessing the devastating damage that struck after last year’s powerful and .

The emergency vessel can fit around four people and is able to withstand up to 9.3 tons of pressure on its body and falls from up to 25 meters. It measures 1.2 meters in diameter and weighs about 80 kg.

The pod’s exterior is made of reinforced plastic, while its interior is lined with urethane foam. It can be customized into different colors and can be added with special features like GPS tracker, a waterproof megaphone, emergency rations, and a solar panel.

The Life Armour can be ordered online from the Japanese website, Seokoh for roughly $5000. Customers can be contact Pond directly, if they choose to have it shipped overseas.


Check out the Life Armour in the video below:

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