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Bike Powered Phone Charging Stations To Arrive in NYC [Video]

Written on November 12, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Charge Cycle is a stationary bike where people have to cycle to charge their phones

was created by David Krawczyk and Navjot Kaur. It is a bike that is equipped with a stationary bike and a charging dock. Those who would like to charge their phones have to bike in place, to power their device.

This invention also makes use of a web-based application that users can download in their smartphones to find out bike locations and usage details, including how many calories burned while cycling.

The bike’s charging dock hold the phone with a unique silicone band. The charge progress is shown in a 10 segment LED display bar, that is placed securely in a watertight box.

The Charge Cycle is set to be launched next year, May 2013. Around 30 bikes will be placed around New York, with the help of backers from Kickstarter, where the project is currently showcased.

Check out the demo video of the Charge Cycle in the video below:

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