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$5000 Smartphone Controlled Toilet Sold in Japan [Video]

Written on December 14, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The SATIS model toilets by Inax, is bluetooth enabled and can be controlled using Android smartphones

is one of the most advanced country. One proof of it, is there line of high-tech toilets. Bathroom fixtures manufacturer, , has launched their latest line of smartphone controlled toilets.

The SATIS model toilets is not your ordinary toilet. It is bluetooth enabled and can be controlled using -powered smartphones. All you have to is download the MySatis app, and you can flush, raise and lower the toilet seats, turn on the bidet, wirelessly, using your phone.

If your conscious of your water and electricity usage, you can even check your consumption and personalize your settings using the MySatis app. The toilet also lets you play music, because it is installed with built-in speakers. All you have to do is share your smartphone’s music to your toilet. You can even track your daily bowel movement with the app’s “Toilet Diary”.

The can be yours for a hefty amount of US $4,540 or 380,000 yen.

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