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Analog Camera Filter for DSLR Cameras Offers Instagram-like Shots

Written on December 21, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The DSLR Wheel of Filters can be bought online via the Photojojo store for $40

users who are protesting over the new terms and conditions can now use their cameras to take vintage shots and share it to the world without worries. Thanks to of .

This camera accessory contains a base-lens that can be attached on a or DSLR camera. It offers 18 different filters and prisms, that can be adjusted by simply turning the wheel.

The first wheel has colors, dual colors, even color surrounds. While wheel number two, has  kaleidoscope lenses, macro lenses, and other lens effects.

The can be purchased online for $40 via the Photojojo store.

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