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Human-Powered Roller Coaster Offered in Japan Bicycle Theme Park [Video]

Written on December 27, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Gunma Cycle Sports Center also showcases a collection of strange and unique bicycles

The in Minakami, may be considered as the world’s most eco-friendly . It features human-powered rollercoasters that are fun to ride.

The unique theme park is found in the rural area of northern Gunma Prefecture. It pays homage to all things . The park also showcases a unique collection and also hosts road races and other cycling events.

One of the park’s rollecoasters, called the “Rolling Mountain” features pedals and tires that lifts the riders up the trail. The coaster reaches speeds comparable to that of a standard bike and is a good cardio workout.

The park also offers a Tall Cycle ride and a “Cycle Monorail” ride. Customers will only spend around USD $2.33 or 200 Yen per ride.

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