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World’s First Flying Crime-prevention Robot Unveiled in Japan [Video]

Written on December 28, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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Japanese security services company, SECOM, plans to offer the crime-prevention robot's services for around 5,000 yen or $58 a month

Japanese security services company, , has recently launched the world’s first autonomous . The mini-copter will be offered for private security use.

The robot mini-copter is a flying surveillance camera. It features numerous sensors that works with SECOM’s different . It is equipped with LED spotlights that takes clear pictures, even during nighttime. It also has a built-in GPS that allows the robot to only patrol a predetermined area.

Once an unauthorized vehicle or person enters robot’s patrol zone, it will automatically go near the subject and take a picture and quickly send the image in SECOM’s security center. With the help of its onboard sensors, it avoids getting knocked down by objects or any suspicious person, by constantly maintaining a distance.

, SECOM’s President says that he plans to offer the robot mini-copter’s services for around $58 a month or 5,000 yen. He also hopes to make the device available in public by 2014.

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