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‘Silicon Photonics’ is the Future of Electronics

Written on August 02, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Intel made another innovation by creating "Silicon Photonics." This fiber optic technology can replace the copper wiring in device-to-device networking. One day, this can replace the electronic system, and something that tech-lovers should look forward to.

Intel has reached a milestone in its efforts to replace copper wiring with light. This was done by creating a stable, 50Gbps fiber-optic link between two devices. The “Silicon Photonics,” that is theoretically scaled to 1Tbps, is the basis for an interconnecting fiber optic device-to-device and wide-area networking. This innovation can be used one day to replace the copper interconnects in electronic system. Research conducted by the UC Santa Barbara, and the developer of hybrid silicon lasers, is one of the key innovations that drives this technology.

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