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IPv6: A Solution to The Web’s Dilemma

Written on June 07, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Today is World IPv6 Day and Google leads the charge to test and adopt the new Internet Protocol.

Google, the Internet Society, and several other web companies announced in January the World IPv6 Day, when each organization would enable IPv6 addresses on their websites for a 24-hour period. The list of organizations has now grown to more than 400 tech companies, which includes Facebook, Mozilla, Bing, YouTube and several others.

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Be Nintendo 3DS Ready with Gametech Accessories and Peripherals

Written on February 03, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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And although we prefer more games than accessories, Gametech is set to launch a 16-strong lineup of accessories and peripherals for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS will be out soon, and with all the hype and excitement going on in Japan and the world over, Gametech has jumped into the scene for our Nintendo 3DS care needs that will either make our gaming experience much more comforting or much more difficult to handle. Never the less, Gametech was not showing any meekness as they will launch a staggering number of 16 accessories and peripherals you can choose from for your 3D handheld console, much more than the number of games that will be available on opening day.

We have protection sheets, card cases, console cases, pouches, an AC adapter, car charger a USB cable charger, and a touch pen. You can never be too careful with such a fine piece of metal and plastic.

The Nintendo 3DS will be out February 26.

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