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Toshiba Rocks Rome with 2011 HDTVs

Written on April 06, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Remember the name 'Toshiba' when choosing your next HDTV. Their new lineup will simply blow your mind!

Toshiba rocked the CES with their glasses-free 3D displays, but this time they decided to highlight their conventional HDTVs at an event in Rome. Make no mistake about it though, Toshiba definitely made a good impression with their new TVs and laptops.

One that stands out above the rest of the competition is the 55ZL1 model, which has everything ranging from a seven core CEVO CPU to Pro-LED512 panel. It is a first with its 512 zones of dimming with 3,072 LEDs, and a facial recognition system, which records preferences of the person using the television. Plus the television has active shutter 3D glasses to boot.

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