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A New, Cheaper Kindle

Written on April 12, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Finally, an e-reader that’s budget-friendlier.

Amazon has just announced the release of a cheaper, ad-supported version of the Kindle e-reader.

For only $ 114, e-book enthusiasts can now own the latest WiFi Kindle for $114, down from its original price of $139, with the device’s usual trademark screensavers of famous authors replaced with advertisements and special deals. Ad are also displayed at the bottom of the e-reader’s homescreen.

The new Kindle will also be giving its users special, and exclusive Groupon-inspired deals such as $10 for a $20 Amazon gift card or 50% off a Roku streaming video player.

The ad-free WiFi Kindle is still available for $139 while the 3G-enabled version sells for $189.

Preorders for the new Kindle began today. The devices are expected to ship early next month.

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