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Bodywave Scanner Can Keep You Sharp

Written on January 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Freer Logic’s new biofeedback device, the Bodywave, trains you to become aware of your brain function, so you can regain focus when you drift off at work, lose your steam on the back line, or nearly fall asleep at the wheel.

Freer Logic got a new biofeedback device, the Bodywave, that trains you to become more aware of your brain function. That being said, the Bodywave can help you regain focus and concentration whenever you drift off at work, or you fall asleep at the wheel. More over, it forgoes clunky headgear as it is the first brain wave scanner that can be worn on your wrist or leg.

The Bodywave tracks your brain wave activity while playing games or undergoing virtual reality simulation. It uses a three-carbon contacts to tap the signal through your skin. Meanwhile, a software will filter electrical interference from moving muscles like the heart. After that, the Bodywave will determine your focus by identifying brain activity patterns that indicate attention. This system is currently used to help coach kids with ADHD. Furthermore, it is also adopted as a virtual-reality training tool for nuclear power plants.

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