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Android App Review: Adobe Photoshop Express

Written on March 20, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Adobe Photoshop Express has all the intuitive and aesthetic photo-editing needs of an average Joe. But if you're looking for a more hardcore photo-editing tool, then you should've used a PC/Mac in the first place.

The Android Market provides tons of free photo-editing apps that allow users to spice up their images in their own unique way. But with the deluge of photo-editing apps available, it’s a little impractical to download and try them all out.

Usually when we look into an app, we often (but not all the time) look at the name first, and then the reviews. We’re quite a sucker for free branded apps and download them immediately upon sight. Not all the times we get satisfied of what we got, but there are times also when these branded apps deliver the right amount of good stuff for our aesthetic needs; one of these is the Adobe Photoshop Express.

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