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Adobe Resolves Photoshop Express for iPad Problems

Written on August 16, 2010 by R. Cruise

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After a messy start, Photoshop Express is back on its feet.

It is such a genius idea. Adobe decided to release a free editing tool for the iPhone and the iPad. It’s called Photoshop Express and it’s gonna be a hit.

But, Photoshop Express hits it down to the drain. According to the first few people who tried this application, it was useless. It crashes repeatedly and picks another available photo editing program on iPad to use.

However, the good news is that the problem is all fixed and users will not encounter any conflict in launching the program. This time, no more switching to other app.

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Adobe’s New Publishing Software for Tablets

Written on August 02, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Adobe, makers of the famous Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Acrobat Reader has revealed that making of a software intended for tablets.

This software will soon hit the Creative Suite pack and can be downloaded to Adobe Labs. It will include tools that will bridge the gap between InDesign and interactive format softwares.

The company’s aspiration is to make it simpler for publishers to create and profit from tablet magazines like Wired’s successful iPad offering. Wired eventually used InDesign and a mixture of other products to create their masterpiece.

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