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Amazon Builds Film Studio and Needs Screenwriters

Written on November 18, 2010 by R. Cruise

2 persons can possibly make your screenwriting dreams come true. The online company is venturing in movie production and needs good materials for future film projects. You got movie ideas to share? Submission of entries kicks-off next year.

If you are a budding screenwriter, might make your dreams come true. The online merchant is expanding and will launch Amazon Studios. This is a movie production which contents are submitted by users and developers. The company will give rewards to the chosen filmmakers and screenwriters.

The process goes like this: the website invite users to submit material every month, organize a poll and at the end of the month, the writer with winning material will be awarded with cash. In case Amazon Studios pursue the making of the entry to a movie, the writer can get as much as $400,000.

To help Amazon decide which material is the best, the online merchant selected a board of judges which includes veteran screenwriters, former president of Miramax Studios and university professors.

Submission of entries begins on January 2011.

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