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The Vlingo for Android Goes for Free too

Written on August 16, 2010 by Charles Bass

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To stop the sudden death that is threatening them, Vlingo is now for FREE. Just after Google's Voice Action shows up free, too.

Just when the Google Navigation entered the picture, it threatens Vlingo HQ death. Why? Well, simply because Google released it for free while the Vlingo is for $10. And they have the same use.

But it is only losers who give up for Vlingo. As it emerges from the fight again, now the 10 dollars worth of app is for FREE. In the company’s blog, they even congratulated Google for the accomplishment. CEO Dave Grannan says that he wants the Android subscribers to be free in terms of comparing the services being rendered by Vlingo which adds features further more. With a valid point in his favor – You can now use Vlingo if you have Android 2.0 and above, and the Google’s service only runs in Froyo. Good point. Vlingo on Android is the only version that actually charged on Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

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