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Android security risks with Skype

Written on April 17, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Always be careful what you download, Android users.

Skype announced on Friday that the user data from its Android app may be vulnerable if its users unsuspectingly installs a ‘malicious’ third party app to their device.

Christina Warren of Mashable reports that just last month, “Google removed 21 apps from the Android Market after the blog Android Police alerted the company that the apps contained malware and were being used to collect user data.

“After removing the apps from the store, Google also invoked a kill switch to remove them from the phones of users who had the misfortune of downloading the junk,” writes Warren.

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Google Unleashes Remote App Removal Feature

Written on March 07, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Google just released its Remote App Removal feature for infected Android devices. But is it enough to protect Android users from other malicious exploits?

A news that over 50 malicious applications in the Android Market were found broke last Tuesday. However, Google removed the said applications without leaving any public comment on the issue. But the question remains: What will happen to the apps that were already downloaded?

In response to this, Google unleashed the “Remote App Removal” feature last Saturday, wiping out malicious Android apps from infected devices without any additional action from the users. In addition to this, the search-engine giant will also push an Android Market security update to prevent attackers from acquiring more information via exploit.

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