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Rovio Bring New Game Levels to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio Game

Written on March 21, 2012 by Lulu

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Angry Birds Creator Rovio, brings game updates to previous installations and to release Angry Birds Space this week

Rovio has announced in their official website that the new game updates for its previous game installations, Angry Bird and Angry Bird Rio are now available in the iTunes and Amazon App Store.

The Angry Bird update for IOS has a tropical themed episode with 15 new levels that are perfect for the beach lovers out there. While Angry Birds Rio, offers 12 exciting new bonus levels for experienced players. These bonus levels can be only unlocked if you have have collected all the fruits and finished all previous levels.

Check out this new game updates and watch out for the release of their new game, Angry Birds Space, later this week.

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Angry Birds Rio: Exclusive on Amazon’s AppStore for Android

Written on March 16, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Think you'll be heading to the Android Market to grab the newest addition to the avian vengeance saga? Think again.

The next “Rio-rific” installment of our favorite furious, winged friends will lay their eggs on Amazon’s AppStore for Android —exclusively.

This technique is made to promote the movie and reach out to the users of the insanely popular game. It’s also a scheme to increase the traffic for the retailer.

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Angry Birds Seasons Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day

Written on March 02, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Do you want to see the Angry Birds turn into leprechauns?

Valentine’s is over and another season goes affront. So what’s in store for the famous Angry Birds?

At Rovio’s GDC panel, Peter Vesterbacka, announced that the popular game is getting another season’s update.  Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” confirmed that people will experience new offerings in commemoration of St.Patrick’s day. According to Vesterbacka, the game will be “very green” and “filled with more pigs than ever.”

The company also gave a brief mention of the Angry Birds Rio game, a tie-up with the upcoming animated film:

“We could make it work nicely with Angry Birds and the backstory. It could be the first time the birds leave the island, and are kidnapped by smugglers. This is not one of these lame movie games, but a separate game that works nicely with the movie.”

The Angry Birds Rio game will hit the App Store this March 22 for $.99.

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