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[REVIEW] Kanex iAdapt HDMI V2 Mini DP

Written on August 23, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Now that every 2010 Mac and some Windows PC supports audio through mini display ports -- and feeding them to a HDMI-equipped TV -- Apogee has stepped up to introduce its own adapter cable. The iAdapt HMDI V2 Mini can put full audio and video together in a single pipe. Read on to see what more can the HDMI Adapter do.

There’s nothing much to say with iAdapt HDMI V2’s design aside from it is well-built. It clearly matches up the current aluminum and white spread of most Mac Lines. The cable is thick and unlikely to break unless you’ll bend to an unreasonable angle. The Apogee does not require extra cables to get started as it assumes that you already have a HDMI wire. Naturally, it’s easy to get started with a Mini DP connected to an HDMI. A new MacBook Pro equipped with Mac OS X Snow Leopard recognizes TV resolutions. The iAdapt was set to the right 1080p resolution and refresh rate immediately after plugging in.

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