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‘Panorama': Featured in Firefox 4 Beta

Written on August 25, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Mozilla has sculpted their Firefox 4 Beta with this feature that must be very familiar to Mac users.

Recently, we told you about Firefox’s feature called Tab Candy. There must be interests in this theory because people kept commenting and asking for more. Mozilla saw it coming and confirmed that this feature will be a part of the Firefox 4 release but not as Tab Candy.

Panorama is the name Mozilla has decided to call their new feature. In a recent blog from the company’s Asa Raskin, he showed off the revamps they’ve given Panorama in the previous months. One of this was the inclusion to the beta of Firefox 4. The feature turns out to be more smooth than the experiments. The idea is it is an easy way to declutter your page and organize a cluster of tabs in different windows. You can zoom out by clicking the Panorama button and see a view of all you windows. It is like the Expose feature that we familiar with in Mac computers. It took seven months for the feature to develop. He noted a few principles and lay outs on why Panorama will work:

Remove distractions: out of sight, out of mind. This is the corollary to seeing is remembering. We, as humans, are bad at multitasking. As practitioners of GTD know, the secret to productivity is removing distractions and focusing. Piles let you visually hide the pages by which you don’t want to be visually distracted, which strategically requires recall-based memory. When you are in a group, you only see the tabs related to the task at hand, again allowing you to focus. Strategic hiding is key to a mind free of info-guilt.

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