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Pinger Transforms your iPod Touch to an iPhone

Written on September 29, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The fad of Pinger's free text messages has made history. Now, the company takes a step higher. They're making your beloved iPod Touch as complete as an iPhone.

Pinger, massively popular application that lets you send unlimited text messages on your iPhone and iPod is venturing something more. For over 8 million download times plus 4 billion text messages sent, who would not love Pinger?

Their new venture? Voice Calls for free. The Textfree application will include a true SIP-based VOIP client that will work on 3G and WiFi. The feature enables you to have a real phone number. Calling is what you expect it to be. Hit the call button on your Apple device and place your calls. This will be huge to iPod Touch users since it makes their devices exactly like iPhone.

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Apple to Launch Face Recognition?

Written on September 21, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Imagine a smart technology that recognizes the face of a person and links to the person's social network activities. Stop imagining now, for this technology has arrived.

Rumors are spreading that Apple has purchased Swedish company Polar Rose that specializes on Face Recognition technology and software. We couldn’t jump into conclusions that Apple will use Polar Rose’s innovation but face recognition for mobile? Sounds good.

Polar Rose recently shut down the face tagging service, and it seems that the acquisition by Apple is the key note.

Apple uses the face recognition on their iPhoto, but face recognition might be in some places further than that. A video embedded below demonstrates AR app called Recognizr with tech Augmented ID. It was from Polar Rose. Allowing you to point your handset’s camera at a friend and quickly see links to his or her social networking profiles and updates.

Take a look at this modern technology.

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