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iOS 4.3 Codes Surface; Home Button Out?

Written on January 13, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Enough of the news about the Verizon iPhone. Gadg got the scoop about the iOS 4.3 and the plan to remove the beloved home button.

In case you have the patience to dig into the iOS’s code, you’ll realize that iPhone3,1 is actually the AT&T iPhone 4 while iPhone3,2 is the Verizone iPhone. Moreover, iOS 4.3 is about to come and together with it are strings of speculations which pertains to two new-generation iPhones (4,1 and 4,2) and three iPads (2,1; 2,2; and 2,3). But Engadget made a wild guess and claimed that there will likely be GSM and CDMA variants of the next-gen models (plus a WiFi-only iPad). Also, another site called BGR mentioned that Apple is omitting the home button which will be replaced by multi-gestures technology. Rumors say that this feature is already tested by Apples employees in Cupertino.

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