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Apple iTVs to be Launched in the Summer

Written on December 28, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Rumors are saying that Apple is preparing a 32” and a 37” iTVs.

Speculations are pointing that Apple is currently in the works of assembling the parts of a 32- and 37-inch iTV. These are television sets created by Apple which are connected to the Internet for live media streaming.

Taiwanese blog Digitimes was the first to reveal the news which they previously collected from sources working in Apple’s supply chains. The assembly of television components will begin in early January and the launch of iTV will happen in the summer. Reports mentioned that Samsung will produce the chip set while Sharp will manufacture the screen.

Apple’s first attempt into the television industry was with the first generation of Apple TV. These television sets allow users to store digital files on the device as well as provide some access to Internet content.

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