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Apple Removes 15-Minute Password Window for In-App Purchases

Written on March 11, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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With credit card stacking to the hundreds and even the thousands, Apple announces that it will now remove the 15-minute password window for in-app purchases giving kids something to cry and parents to be happy about.

Extinguishing the fire before it fans into flames, Apple has announced that it will be removing the 15-minute password window for In-App purchases for the iOS 4.3. It was not long ago when a particular parent raged about her credit card bill thanks to unconsented in-app downloads by her children for games. Apparently it was the last straw for Apple as they developed a system where a re-entry of password is required everytime an in-app download transaction is going to happen.

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Apple’s iOS Integrates New Social Media Features for MobileMe

Written on January 21, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Apple's success with its iOS devices are undisputed but its continuous venture towards global domination isn't over yet for they are not yet on the lead when it comes to social media.

When the Beta 2 of the iOS 4.3 was released, people found a little evidence that Apple might be integrating some social features for its operating system. The first beta hinted an evidence of a “Find My Friends” features for MobileMe that offers a real-time location data sharing to friends. Meanwhile, the Beta 2, Mac and Apple tech site, 9to5Mac, pointed a few references that there are services such as “Media Stream” and “Photo Streaming”.

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iTunes 10.1 – Ready for Download

Written on November 15, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Are you tired of waiting for the iTunes 10.1 that comes with AirPlay? Cheer up now because its already open for download. Get your iPad and start the iOS 4.2 update right away.

Be ready! iTunes 10.1 is ready for download. Now, you can upgrade your devices to 10.1 which enables users to plau-in their Airplay-supported devices including the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV to stream videos on iTunes instantly. This update also gives the improved stability and improvement on the performance of Apple devices.

The release of this OS update only means that iPad is now ready for iOS 4.2. Thus, bringing a new multitasking bar with volume and brightness controls as well as the dedicated AirPlay button to the device.

However, AirPrint or wireless printing will not be included in iOS 4.2 update for iPad.

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