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iPad Killers on the Loose

Written on December 17, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Tablets wars is slowly becoming a deadly game. It is a fierce competition that only the fittest can survive. To edge you up, Gadg brings you a round-up of some of the brands that are likely to become the next iPad killers.

Apple is the brand the redefined the world of technolgy. The company invented the iPod and portable music is never the same again. It was followed by the iPhone which brought huge wave to the mobile phone industry. Recently came iPad, and it turned the field of tablet computers upside down.

The iPad caused so much hyped that people narrowed their tablet choice only to it. Looking at the bigger picture, there are actually hundreds of tablets available in the market today that can compete with the features of the iPad.

To change such iPad mindset, Gadg listed down ten tablet alternatives which are also packed with features but with cheaper price tags.
See the list after the break.

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