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Augen’s Android Powered Baby Will Hit the Store by Weekend

Written on July 29, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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A new Android powered tablet will be out in the market very soon, but some thought it was already filling up the shelves of Kmart. The store's inventory proved otherwise. The tablet-maker reveals release the date here.

Kmart released an interesting $150 Android powered tablet in its most recent weekly circular – but not even the shadow of the actual product has appeared in its shelves yet.

There are people who got excited and went outright to check out the sleek 7-inch touch screen, but Augen, the 4-year-old Florida-based electronics company, has informed the consumers in return that their product will be out by the end of this week.

While this gadget has not arrived yet, the specs can construct an image for curious consumers of what could be in what Augen dubs as the GENTOUCH78. For all that it requires you to unload from your pockets, or cards, or any account, this tablet runs on Android 2.1 and boasts of WiFi connectivity, 256MB of RAM, an expandable 2GB memory, and multimedia support features.

Well, I have not mentioned the most fascinating fact yet – an access to the Android App Market can be yours only for the glorious sum of 150 bucks! Let us see if it will keep getting better once GENTOUCH fills up the shelves of Kmart. When you become one of its first purchasers…just let us know.

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