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Make Way for the New AutoCAD on Mac

Written on September 01, 2010 by R. Cruise

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The design software decided to take the Mac platform.

Can you imagine that it has been 18 years ago since AutoCAD graced the Mac OS? The good news is that the software is definitely back.

It was Autodesk who made all this possible. Since their short stint under Windows realm, the CAD software is expanding its run on Macs, iPhone and iPad.

Autodesk encountered gloomy revelation for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 but the company realized that the right path to take is with Mac, considering its consistent market growth.

Get the new version of AutoCAD with the cost of $3,995 for both Mac and PC. Anytime now, the versions for iPhone and iPad will also be released.

With the production of different devices, it would not be a problem for AutoCAD users to take their files anywhere which can lead to higher productivity.

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