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The “3rd Birthday” on 6th Place, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Top on Sales Chart List

Written on January 03, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The 3rd Birthday game surely is celebrating. When Inside Games tallied the weekly sale of games, 3rd Birthday suddenly burst out with pride as they hit the sixth part of the top ten fast selling games.

Inside Games has given Media Create’s weekly sales data today for December 20-26.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd hit the charts for the fourth week in a row, with a whooping 404,000 units since its December 1 release. Newcomers in the top 10 are AKB1/48 and The 3rd Birthday. Both of which are for PSP. The former sold 236,000 units. The latter sold 140,000 units. AKB1/48’s success was previously hinted at with some reports indicating over 250,000 pre-orders. See the chart after the skip.

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