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AZiO Corp. Launches New Line of Computer Keyboards

Written on November 03, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Hardcore computer users might like to add a new computer keyboard on their Christmas wish list, as AZiO Corp. releases it new line of peripherals. The keyboards will hit glasses in time for the holidays, and being cool starts at $19.99

AZiO Corp. launched their newest line of computer keyboards yesterday. The five new keyboards includes a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Macs, USB Ultra-slim keyboard, wireless trackball keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, and radio-frequency keyboard. They were designed to fit the needs of varying users, from at-home consumers, to office personnel, to gamers and to everyone in between. Starting at $19.99, the AZiO Corp. computer keyboards will ship in time for the holiday shopping season.

The entire AZiO Keyboard Line includes the following:

* AZiO KB333BM (Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac) — $49.99
* AZiO KB503U (USB Keyboard) — $19.99
* AZiO KB351RT (Wireless Trackball Keyboard) — $69.99
* AZiO KB337BP (Bluetooth Keyboard) — $79.99
* AZiO KBP336RP (Long-Range RF Keyboard) — $69.99

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