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Mac Comes with iLife and iMovie

Written on October 22, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Apple unveiled its newest product called iLife during the Back to Mac event. This new software will make its easier for users to share photos and make movies.

The presentation was headed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He pinpointed the new features of iPhoto in iLife 11 during the “Back to Mac” event. The new add-ons will make it easier for users to share photos, create photo album plus integration to social network websites. Additional features of the Ilife 11 are the full-screen modes for Places and Faces and Letterpress cards.

On the other hand, the iMovie includes a good audio editing progrma, a “People Finder,” and new tools to create movie trailer. Randy Ubillos, chief architect of iMovie, said that scores of the background music contained in the iMovie software is specifically created for Apple by the London Symphony. In addition, in one click of the mouse, video produced with iMovie can be shared on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo.

iLife is available for free with any new Mac starting October 20. An upgrade of iLife costs $49.

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Apple Goes “Back to Mac”

Written on October 14, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Apple's past events revolved around iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes and iOS which made Mac an outcast. And now, Apple goes back to its roots with the event, "Back to Mac."

As follow up from recent events focusing on iOS, iPhone, iPod and iTunes, Apple will go back to where it all started, Mac. That’s why their next media event is entitled “Back to Mac”.

The event is on October 20,2010 at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. You might be wondering why the invitation looks like the one pictured above. No guys, Apple won’t go to the jungle for an adventure. We are looking at the next version of Mac OS X.

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