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Patch for Backbreaker Due Soon

Written on August 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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After two years of developing the game, Backbreaker now has an available update. NaturalMotion promises gamers a new, faster and better online American Football game experience. Are you ready to take the action?

As soon as Wednesday, new features for the football game, Backbreaker, will be available through the biggest patch you’ll ever see in a sports game. Features include new plays, better AI, replay camera suites and better “focus mode.” Though the patch , dubbed as “Greathouse,” are sort of needed in the first place, it is still a good news.

One of the biggest complaints in the original game is the passing. NaturalMotion Games, the game’s most dedicated contributor, promises a complete pass, increased quarter back accuracy across the board and a pump-fake command relocation to a shoulder button. Corners and safeties now fully respect their visibility cone, and see interception opportunities whenever acceptable.

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