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Sony’s “Bada Boom” and “Bada Bing” for 3D Multiplayer Gaming

Written on July 26, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Fans of 3D gaming might think that it's just a bluff, but it's true. Sony is bringing the concept of 3D gaming to the next level -- with the help of "Bada Bing" and "Bada Boom".

This might just blew your mind a little, but it’s true. Sony has filed two patents – Bada Boom and Bada Bing. When combined, this reveal the secret of local multiplayer gaming like you’ve never seen before. But technically speaking, it will never be seen.

Of course you all know how 3D works, right? Well, Sony is here to take the concept to the next level by ending the split screen gaming. Your opponent will no longer hunt you down just because he knows the map more than you do. The patent is about four frames (yes, you read it right) that are cycled through. Frames 1 and 3 are for player one, while frames 2 and 4 are for player 2. In effect, this will allow players to see only their view of the game in full screen. Your opponent will no longer see what you’re up to.

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