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Blizzards Replaces Starcraft 2 Timed Demo with Starter Edition

Written on August 09, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Gamers can now test the Starcraft 2 on their own speed with its new Starter Edition.

The demo version of Starcraft 2 enables players to test the entire game in a limited time, and forces them to avail the title in order to continue. However, Blizzard recently replaced the timed demo with the Starter Edition.

The Starter Edition does not have a time limit, letting gamers try Starcraft 2 in their own volition. Furthermore, all achievements and campaign progress earned during the demo will be available to the full game upon purchase, since the information will be stored in a gamer’s account.

The Starter Edition comes prior to the second part of Starcraft 2’s trilogy – the Heart of Swarm – which is expected for a mid-2012 release.

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