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Pirate Bay Founders, Going Legit with BayFiles

Written on August 31, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Two Pirate Bay founders are sticking to the copyright law with BayFiles.

Pirate Bay is a famous bit torrent client, where users can easily download data for free. However, its founders have faced legal actions — forcing them to pay huge amounts in penalties. Thus, two Pirate Bay founders opted to offer services that sticks to the copyright law — the BayFiles.

Based from a report by TECHSPOT, BayFiles will provide users with a private address for upload. That said, those who wants to download a file must have a link for the data they wish to acquire.

Moreover, BayFiles will have a membership fee of €5 a month, €25 every six months, or €45 for 12 months. If you wish to be a free subscriber, you have to bear the slower download speed. Additionally, there is also a limit in file size. A free member could receive 250MB of data, 500MB for a regular member, and 5GB for a premium user.

With Pirate Bay founders going legal, are you taking the same move too?

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