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Is Your Nintendo 3DS Freezing? Send it to Nintendo, They’ll Figure Something Out

Written on March 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Don't know what to do with your Nintendo 3DS if you experience any system freezes? Neither does Nintendo! That's why they're asking you to return it to them.

It’s been barely a week since the Nintendo 3DS rolled into North American and other non-Japanese shores, and several gamers have already been experiencing system freezes on the console. These system freezes entail in either a blank white or black screen, and an inability to turn the power off unless you remove the batteries.

Nintendo has already issued a statement at’s Troubleshooting page, advising Nintendo 3DS owners with similar malfunctions to return their consoles to Nintendo for repair (or more likely a replacement).

Nintendo America has yet to share a word regarding the matter, while Nintendo UK advises 3DS owners to try the latest system update first before contacting the Nintendo Customer Service Center. There are no reports of any system errors from Nintendo 3DS owners in Japan, so it looks like something went wrong when they were making the international edition of the handheld.

Hit the break to check out how the system freeze looks like.

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