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Gap Marked Down Prices for Foursquare Fashion-Raiders

Written on August 17, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Check this out! Last week, Gap cut 25% off the price of its items for customers who checked in to its stores while toting a Foursquare-loaded smartphone. How would you want to wish for something more like this?

August 14–Gap touted “The BlackMagic Event” as a way to lure customers, especially social networking-savvy ones, to purchase family clothes that are cheaper by a quarter per cent than usual. The chain rewarded Foursquare users who entered the chain while they were logged in on the site.

The clothing shop also offered the same discount to Facebook and Twitter users, but reward-redemption was different. Facebook users had to print out a discount coupon, while tweeters had to show a discount code up at the counter. But for those who took the Foursquare route, they got assured of a discount as soon as they arrived at a Gap store. We only wonder how the cashier knew they were already there–maybe they had to let them check out each customer’s smartphone.

Fusing Foursquare and Fashion is no longer new to the network. Ann Taylor has offered the same discount rate to Foursquare mayors and a 15% off to every customer who has checked in for the fourth or fifth time. This strategy is actually a boon to retail stores because friends of Foursquare users get to know they are dropping by this or that store–boosting the retailers’ market range in return.

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