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Official StarCraft 2 Mods Now Available for Download

Written on April 09, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Get ready to attack, survive, and cook with Blizzard's new mods for StarCraft 2.

It’s the realm of the parodies as Blizzard unleashes three of the four official StarCraft 2 mods: Blizzard’s first RTS cook-off, Aiur Chef; the Bejeweled-inspired, Starjeweled; and a Left 4 Dead rip-off, Left 2 Die. Blizzard DOTA is still undergoing fixes, unfortunately.

The mods are available through the Custom Game panel of StarCraft 2. Just download the one you want, but make sure that there’s a Blizzard logo right next to it.

Hit the break to see the details of each StarCraft 2 mod!

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