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Barnes & Noble Invites Bookworms to a “Very Special Event”

Written on October 20, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Barnes and Noble is holding an event on October 26. What is this about? Many are speculating this might have something to so with the Nook.

It has been ages since we first saw Nook. It was first launched lastOctober 20th and started shipping December of the same year. We actually don’t know if Barnes and Noble is planning to do follow up on this. Then out of nowhere, Barnes and Noble announced that they’ll be holding an event on October 26.

Last Monday, the bookstore announced that the company is updating Nook’s firmware. Will they announce something special during the event? No one can really tell.

Nook at some point stole the spotlight from Amazon’s Kindle. But since updates are few, it gradually went out of sight.

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