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Five Future Palm Devices, Coming Up?

Written on November 08, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The HP-palm plot thickens as Stingray, Mantaray, Windsor, Roadrunner and Broadway were seen written in a WebOS 2.0 string. Are the rumored future palm devices will pop up in a webOS 2.0 code soon?

Rumors has it that Palm will launch some devices soon. Well, that is just a rumor, but the plot continues to thicken as more rumors are coming up. People at the WebOS Internals stumbled upon five device code-names in SFR’s webOS 2.0 code. The code-names written are Stingray, Mantaray, Broadway, Windsor and Roadrunner. These were found in a string that displays “Temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices.”

Regardless, many would love to add some HP-palm device on their Christmas wish-list.

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