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Bloomberg: Nokia and Microsoft – To Announce Partnership

Written on February 10, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Nokia Windows Phone 7, is that you?

This Friday, Nokia plans to play another game. However, the big question is to whom they intend to team up?

It has been rumored that Nokia is said to have this partnership with titans of the industry Microsoft and Google. So are we expecting a Nokia Android phone or perhaps a Nokia Windows Phone 7? Bloomberg’s anonymous sources reported that they seem to agree that Nokia is in deep conversations with Microsoft, it also seems that they’re “close to announcing a software partnership.”

The rumors also said that Google could have been there, but they’re no longer favored for the job. So does this mean we’ll be seeing a WP7 phone with the Nokia emblem? Are you ready for the Micro-Kia?

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Microsoft CEO Sells $1.3 Billion Worth of Microsoft Shares

Written on November 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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This might come as a surprise but it is true that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sold 12% of his Microsoft stakes. But just in time with the news, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates also sold a part of his Microsoft stakes. Coincidence?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently sold 12% of his shares in Microsoft that’s worth over $1.3 billion. According to the SEC, Ballmer sold 49.3 million Microsoft shares during the last three days making his ownership to 4.2% of the company. He sold his shares between $26 and $28.

Ballmer readied himself with a statement for the watchful eyes of the people. This statement was posted on Microsoft’s website.

Here is Ballmer’s statement:

“Even though this is a personal financial matter, I want to be clear about this to avoid any confusion. I am excited about our new products and the potential for our technology to change people’s lives, and I remain fully committed to Microsoft and its success.”

He also stated that he intends to sell more stakes up to 75 million before 2011. Possibly, he could sell 25 million shares of the company. This also coincides with the event of which Bill Gates sold 1 million of shares worth $27.2 million.

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Adobe and Microsoft: Teams-up for World Invasion

Written on October 10, 2010 by Charles Bass

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When two worlds collide,it will definitely clash. But if it is for the benefits of both ends, surely, we'll see success. Adobe and Microsoft, recently met and talked about the future of their respective companies. There might be something that they are planning to execute. Their main targets? Google and Apple.

Admit it guys, nobody’s perfect. Even the technology and software giants have their own problems. Just like what happened recently with Adobe and Microsoft. Google and Apple are running face to face with them it seems that they found glory in each other’s arms. Reports came out in New York Times, who collected reports from employees and consultants representing both companies. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Adobe’s Shantanu Narayan recently conducted a meeting on Adobe’s headquarters. It was a closed-door affair. It went out for an hour covering topics that dominated the world of technology. The electrifying scoop is, a possible option for Microsoft to acquire Adobe. It must have been accurate but we cannot judge until the book is finally open, right? So Steve Jobs, you might be a little agitated about this? Not giving Adobe a chance? We’ll keep you posted.

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