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Case-Mate: Accidentally Leaks iPhone 5 Design?

Written on September 16, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Case-Mate is believed to leak the iPhone 5 design unintentionally with its now-gone products page.

Even before news sites were able to post the most recent buzz, Case-Mate pulled its web page which is said to showcase a number of iPhone 5 cases.

Replaced with a landing page, the now-removed product content looked like renders anyway. However, they were probably based on partly known specs. Thus, the cases offered styling cues that were taken from the iPad 2 and iPod Touch with a tapered back and thinner casing. Case-Mate’s removal of the product page suggests that it wasn’t posted intentionally, although it could be a ploy to get people to their landing page.

Apple is reported to announce the next iPhone in the coming weeks, while Case-Mate’s images were just the latest in the series of leaks concerning the next handset.

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