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EVE Online for Tegra-2 Tablets and Phones in the Works

Written on March 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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CCP Games' MMORPG EVE Online is knocking on Tegra 2-equipped tablets and smartphones doors.

How true is it that MMORPG EVE Online is set to make an apperance in tablets and phones? Well based on what CCP Games showed off in its EVE Fanfest last weekend, it’s pretty much true. The developer and publisher displayed an “exploratory project” which runs an abridged version of the game on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2-equppied tablets and smartphones.

Although the project is not a complete version of the title, the demo certainly convinced the audience as it shows a spacecraft rendered from EVE Online with a familiar user interface. CCP Games shared that the mobile version of the MMORPG is going to take place in the same universe as its PC counterpart.

Are we going to have our very first MMORPG on our mobile devices? Where are you Blizzard?

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