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Zombie Virus Affects China

Written on November 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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A virus on mobile phones is spreading over China right now, It is disguised as a anti-virus software. This virus attacks user accounts and spam inbox with malicious messages.

Viruses keeps on attacking the web and cellphones these few days. Unfortunately, these viruses are thriving more on the computers. This time, China was largely attacked by a type of computer virus. According to Shanghai Daily, zombie virus disguised as an anti-virus app was spotted on cellphones in China today. It has affected more than a million cellphone users in China. This virus make cellphones more vulnerable to hackers. Just when corrupting files isn’t enough, this virus generate bogus links which entice users to give money. This adds up to $300,000 text messages charges a day.

Since viruses are rampant on mobile phones, better be careful when downloading unknown links and apps.



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