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Mobile Phones on your Christmas Wish List

Written on November 23, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Are you in search of a good smartphone to buy this holiday season? You come to the right place. Gadg got the hottest mobile phones in the market today. Better check out the list below.

The holiday season is nearing. Now instead of joining the hassle of Christmas shopping when December comes, Gadg got a list of gadgets that make excellent Christmas presents. Or maybe purchase one for yourself for being nice this year.

Check out the selection of sleek mobile phones that are must-haves this Christmas season. Make the season memorable by scoring these great finds.

See the complete list after the break.

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Zombie Virus Affects China

Written on November 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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A virus on mobile phones is spreading over China right now, It is disguised as a anti-virus software. This virus attacks user accounts and spam inbox with malicious messages.

Viruses keeps on attacking the web and cellphones these few days. Unfortunately, these viruses are thriving more on the computers. This time, China was largely attacked by a type of computer virus. According to Shanghai Daily, zombie virus disguised as an anti-virus app was spotted on cellphones in China today. It has affected more than a million cellphone users in China. This virus make cellphones more vulnerable to hackers. Just when corrupting files isn’t enough, this virus generate bogus links which entice users to give money. This adds up to $300,000 text messages charges a day.

Since viruses are rampant on mobile phones, better be careful when downloading unknown links and apps.


The World’s Most Expensive iPhone

Written on October 16, 2010 by Charles Bass

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iPhone 4 is already a pricey piece of gadget but what if 100 karat diamond pieces are adhered on its surface? Then, it becomes the world's most precious mobile device. A man named Stuart Hughes made this possible and he is now the proud creator of iPhone worth $8 million.

Warning: This is worth a fortune. Usually, if you have money that is more than want you need, you just want to enjoy the lavish things. And this time, we are talking about your mobile phone. Upon iPhone 4’s arrival we know, you started calling your associates so you would be the first one to have it. After getting your hands on this newest Apple product, you want to customize it to fit your extravagant lifestyle. Our fiece recommendation? Try Stuart Hughes. He customizes your handy electronics with gold and diamonds. See here his latest latest creation, the iPhone 4 plated with diamonds. It is now known as the “world’s most expensive phone.” Hughes made two models for his Australian client. Each iPhone 4 is equipped with 500 diamonds which totals to 100 karats with a special granite box. Total cost is nearly $8 million. Just a word of advice: never leave this thing unattended.

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Samsung Galaxy S: Snow White Version

Written on August 18, 2010 by Charles Bass

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South Korea is the first to get its hand on the white edition of Samsung Galaxy S.

Rumors came to our ears when a white Samsung Galaxy S was seen lurking in Europe. We were asking for more, but in a recent blog, we knew that rumors are true. Samsung has announced a “Snow White” version of the M110S, a flavor to taste of the Galaxy S who sells relatively in South Korea.

But this baby doesn’t have the white bezel that we saw on the Europe based rumor, but regardless of what we saw, it’s still a lot paler than any launch we’ve had a glimpse of.

Still no word on the OS, the materials and the technology it carries. But if you find it interesting and worth your dollar then we suggest you go to SKT and buy it before the stocks run out.

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White iPhone 4 — Coming this July!

Written on July 19, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Jobs also noted that the stock of the white iPhone 4 is limited in quantity, with production slowly ramping up as time goes on.

Apple has declared that the delay of the white iPhone 4 will finally start to run into our hands by the end of July.

When the iPhone 4 was revealed at WWDC, it was shown in both black and white, whereas when the much awaited launch was formed in June 24, there was no white iPhone 4 in sight. Apple stated that the lack of availability of the said unit was due to the manufacturing problems, providing little else in the detail area and until today Cupertino said little things about the issue.

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