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Intel Challenges AMD and NVIDIA with Their New Processor Graphics

Written on September 11, 2010 by Adam Eve

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“Intel never really took graphics that seriously -- they were pretty pathetic for a while there. The new lineup is probably good enough for most PC users, which means manufacturers don’t need to add separate chips.” - Steve Kleynhans, Analyst, Gartner Inc.

Intel Corp. is stepping up a threat against Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and NVIDIA Corp. as they show off their first chip with graphics capabilities. The design, dubbed as Sandy Bridge, will go into production next quarter. Becoming the basis for Intel’s entire lineup, this marks a shift for the industry eliminating the need for separate graphic card in most PCs. Putting graphics on the same piece of silicon as the main processor gives the world’s largest semiconductor maker a cost advantage. The new approach also consumes less power and improves performance due to more efficient communication on the chips.

AMD got a jump on the change since 2006, after acquiring ATI Technologies Inc. and using its capabilities to craft a new line of processors called Fusion. Meanwhile, NVIDIA only makes graphic cards and not central processors. Still, it is too early to write off the market for discrete graphic chips. It seems that Intel’s existing graphic features are not good enough to replace rival products, and it hasn’t hurt the market for stand-alone cards so far.

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